Dissonance Chapter 1

John Macdonald for Beng Beng English

On April the 15th 2004, at a few minutes after three in the morning, a young woman sat at her oversized computer desk in her home office. Her room looked as messy as the code she had been typing for the last five hours. A ginger cat with one black ear sat in the corner of the room, half buried under a red sweater. Like most people who live by themselves and work from home, Jessica sometimes spoke out aloud while she was by herself. Once she realised she was talking to herself she went to the pet refuge and picked up a 3 year old abandoned tabby; Sam. Talking to a cat was nowhere as near as crazy as talking to no one. Jessica hadn’t spoken to Sam for at least three hours.
“Control your dreams” the little white box that popped up in front of her work seemed to shout. This visual interruption broke Jessica out of her trance and she glanced at the movement of the dark trees swaying outside her window. She looked at Sam who was staring at one of her rolled up socks as if it was some sort of logic puzzle. “Control your dreams” she said as she closed the advert. Right away, another box opened up “Make your own Hallucination Machine”.
Click on the advert
You're really tired and it's late, go to bed
Go back to work lazy!
Go and get a nice cold drink from the fridge