Mistakes were made

Andy Blewett

Chapter 1: The Detective Esra jumped up with fright at the sound of the door knocking. She looked at the clock slowly - 4AM. She placed her head against the cold, condensed window and looked down at the door. There was a man dressed in a brown trenchcoat and a leather hat stood on her doorstep. She slowly approached the door from the bottom of the stairs and unlocked it. As she opened the door, her fear was gone as she looked at the mysterious figure who was standing in front of her. She was overwhelmed by a feeling in which she had never felt, it felt like they were meant to meet right here at this moment. He was about five foot five with brown hair and a nice average figure - he had a tattoo on the back of his hand - a logo of some kind. He was smiling and looked very confident. "Hello -- Esra?" said the mysterious figure. "Hello. How do you know my name?" Asked Esra in response - scared of what was going to happen. "You're going to have to come with me, I'm Detective Ross." Esra was scared and mesmerised at the same time. She walked out wearing nothing put her pyjamas and a pair of slippers before getting into the back of the Detective's car. "So, what have I done wrong?" she asked. "There was a murder shortly after 2:15am this morning and we're going to ask you some questions back at the station" The detective replied. Esra looked flustered and somewhat scared of what was going on. She sat in the back, silent and watched as the Detective drove back towards the city. "Who... who was murdered?" she asked, shocked. "One of the local shop owners, Mr. Sajid" was the response - Esra didn't believe it, she sat silent once more as the detective looked at her slowly. She felt somewhat exposed, yet somewhat excited to have met Detective Ross. As the car pulled to a stop outside of the Station, Esra stepped out of the car and stretched her legs. She followed Detective Ross into the Station, feeling a mixture of nervousness and excite. She sat down inside of the interrogation room and waited for about 3 minutes, before the Detective walked in. "We're just going to ask you a few questions, sit back and relax..."