Deep Connections


Is there such a thing as ‘Love at First Sight’, and is this belief only fostered onto woman, or do men also internalize this ideal? How does this theory play into society, and affect the interactions that occur between individuals? Can you fall in love with someone without seeing them, or do you need a visual in order to fully connect?
These are important questions to understanding our interactions with others, especially when it comes to our choices in significant others. Can you love someone without knowing them? Is it an idealized love, or ‘a’ love, or ‘the’ true love, where only one person would do, that draws people towards each other? Can love at first sight be associated through words or music? Can you instantly love someone through nonphysical interactions (i.e. excluding pictures, voice, touch, etc.)?
What would happen to the online dating industry if we were only allowed to connect to people though written language? Would dating sites be as successful as before, or would their success rate increase or decrease? Is the physical representation of the other required to fall in love? Can you exclude it entirely from the equation until you have so many connections and intersections with that person that a physical representation is never required? What happens if you decide you need the physical, but the depiction doesn’t match up to the ‘mental’ image of your desire? Would it matter?
These are some of the theories and ideas that I'd like to invite you on as we travel through this adventure.
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