Escape from Pompeii

John Stille

The day is August 24. The year: 79 A.D. You are living in the prosperous southern Italian town of Pompeii, known for its sunshine and opportunities for all. But the Fates have a gruesome plan in store for the unsuspecting Pompeiians. Today is the fateful day when Mount Vesuvius will come back to life. The wretched Pompeiians, never having seen a volcano before, cannot comprehend the magnitude of the danger which is about to engulf them. Once the eruption begins, your every decision will decide your fate. There are many options, but only one salvation. Choose wisely, citizen!
You are in the Forum of Pompeii as the volcano begins to erupt. Many people simply stand around and watch this curious event. Crowds collect and for at least one hour the rabble gapes in awe, dumbfounded by the constant rumbling, eruptions and smoke pouring forth into the sky. Then, the tiny little lapilli start to fall. Somehow, people are still not convinced. But you know that this is the moment to make your move.
You head for the temple of Apollo
You head for the temple of Venus