A Day To Forget

Chase Gary

I turned to Jeff, who was just waking up, an could see the horror in his eyes. "Some choppers just flew overhead mate," I told him "if we hurry, I think we can follow 'em." We sat there for a moment, Jeff, Tomas and I, and looked at the sunrise. "What the hell is going on man?" Jeff asked. No one replied. We got up and walked over a hill which had a good view of London. Jeff pulled out his phone and zoomed his camera in to see the skyline better. "Oh shit," Jeff gaped "there are <b><i>TONS</i></b> of them down there." I took his phone to see, and saw maybe 30 of those things stumbling around. I looked around and thought we should...
Go to the West, towards the town
Go East, towards the highway
Go South, towards the forest