Would You Have Survived the Salem Witch Trials?

Jessica Howell

The year is 1692, and you are living in Salem Village, a rural village in Massachusetts. It is in the middle of an especially cold and snowy winter, and you have been hearing rumored whispers of witchcraft. Your mother tells you to ignore the rumors, but you can’t help but be a little nervous.
Suddenly you hear someone banging at the doors. You rush to open the door to find that it is your neighbor, Mary Sibley. She looks panicked.
“What’s wrong?” you ask worriedly.
“It’s Reverend Parris’ children, Betty and Abigail!” she cries. “Haven’t you heard? They’ve been suffering from fits all week! Dr. Griggs went to visit them, and he said that the girls were under an evil hand!”
“An evil hand?” you ask nervously. “What does that mean?”
“I don’t know,” Mary admitted. “But Reverend Parris is asking that anyone who is able come to pray for the girls.”
That made sense to you. If an evil hand was afflicting the girls, then surely prayer was the way to combat it. Still, you aren’t sure if you could go. Your mother had had “fits” as a child, and she had said that they were contagious. You wonder if it’d be better just to stay out of it.
Go pray for the girls
Stay home