A smoke


You open the door and fresh breeze mingled with some raindrops gives you a not-so-warm welcome. You shudder and step out onto the rooftop of the 50 floor building. A cigarette already on your lips you desperately search for your lighter. Damn, where did you put it this time?
Ah, there it is. Your whole body is longing for the beautiful nicotine, but the cold breeze makes lightening it up almost impossible. You look up to the grey skies and the New York skyline and then you notice her for the first time...
Only 10 metres away there's a woman standing dangerously close to the edge of the building. Is she suicidal? Her back is turned to you and you can only make out her black short hair and a business-like outfit.
Light your cigarette
Slowly walk towards her
Get to her as fast as you can