Our Story Starts With A Teenage Boy..
Some Say He's Just Another Boy , Another Clone That His Generation Offers.
One Look At Him And You See That Dead Expression On His Face , As If He's Someone That's Half Dead Walking Among Those So Called The Living.
One More Look At Him And You See Joy , Happiness And Excitement In His Eyes.
"How Could It Be ?" One Might Ask
"Is He Faking It ?" One Might Add
"Surely He Can't Be Both Of Those Things At The Same Time" They All Agreed.
"How Can Someone Be Half Dead Yet So Alive ?" They All Wondered
Well, To Understand This Story You Might Want To Look At Things From A Different Perspective..His Perspective If You Could.
You See, This Boy Is What Society Might Call <i><b>Weird.</b></i>
We'll See What You'd Call Him After Reading All Of This
But One Thing He Was Not For Sure..
He Was Not.. <b><i>Normal.</i></b><i><b></b></i>
He Refused To Be That , To Him Someone <b><i>Normal</i> </b>Is Just Someone That's Wasting Precious Time.
He Cared For Others Even If He Did Not Get That Back, Or So He Believed.
To Be Honest , I Cannot Value This Story Truthfully As It's Inspired By My Own Story Which Would Make This An Autobiography Of Some Sort.
So, Objectivity Could Be A Bit Far Fetched In This Case.
Back To Our Boy That Believed He Was Losing Bits Of Himself As Time Flew By.
Portion By Portion..Bit By Bit..Until Nothing Was Left , That Was His Fear And With It One Thing Became Clear..
At Some Point He Got To Make A Decision.
Stick With His Ways And Perish And Save Everything One Might Cherish.
Change His Ways And Lose What He Became, For He Will Certainly Not Be The Same.
Here's One Of Many Funny Things About This Boy
He Did Not Have The Desire To Do Any Of The Things That One Might Admire
It Kind Of Felt As If He Didn't Have A Drive
You Know, That One Thing That Makes You Wake Up Aiming For It.
People Thought He Lacked That One Thing..
"It's A Shame That His Life's A Waste" They Thought To Themselves As They Smiled At Him.
He Could See It In Their Eyes, He Despised Those Who Were Fake, Yet Found Himself Slowly Turning Into One Of Them To Be Able To Deal With Them
He Hated That.
Every Second That Passed That Way Was An Eternity In Hell For Him.
"If I Could Just Make Them See Everything I've Been Through..Maybe They'll Understand Me Then ! " He Constantly Thought To Himself
Then There Comes His Rival , His Other Self That Keeps On Chasing Him Since The Moment He Saw That Bit Of Light
"Do You Think They're Worth Your Time ? They Didn't Even Try To See Any Of That" He Told Him.
"And What If They Turn On You One Day ? Are You Just Going To Convince Them Again ?" He Added.
"Give Up On Them..Give Up On That Life..Be What You Know You'll Be." He Told Him One Last Time
And That Was Indeed The Eternal Fight That The Boy Was Having Continually.
The Boy Felt As If He Was Steadily Losing The Fight Which In Return Was Tempting Him To Give In To The Darkness , The Hatred..The Pure Selfishness.
And Slowly But Surely He Was Walking That Road..
Never Accepted For Who He Is..
Never Appreciated For What He Does..
Never Seen For What He Could Be
"Why Would I Keep On Fighting ?"
"What's Left To Fight For ?"
"What Will I Gain ?" He Kept On Asking Himself
And Then From The Brink Of Extinction Came A Light
A Light So Bright
Yet Not Blinding
So Hot
Yet Not Burning
So Cold
Yet Not Freezing
It Was Those Small Glimpses..
Those Tiny Moments He Had While He Was Fighting For His Life..
He Wanted To Hang On To Those..
"How Come Tiny Pieces Such As Those Suddenly Inspire Someone To Stand Up , Try Again...Live" You Might Ask.
It Was <b><i>Hope.</i></b>
<b><i>Hope</i></b> That Life Will Give Him More Of That..
<b><i>Hope</i> </b>& A Drive<b> </b>To Prove All Of Those People Wrong.
<b><i>Hope</i> </b>That They Themselves Can Be Saved If They'll Witness Him Keep On Kicking..
Keep On Smiling..
Keep On Forgiving..
Keep On Helping..
Keep On Caring..
Keep On <b>Living</b>..
"I Can't Wait To See The Look On Their Faces Then" He Said With Excitement
He Truly Believed That He Can Make A Change..A Difference..
He Can Be Someone That Was Not Created By People's Desires
He Can Be Someone That Knows What's Important In Life..
And Furthermore , He Can Be Someone That Teaches That To Those That Lack It And Are Worth It To Him.
He Can Be <b><i>Hope.</i></b>