Story 2: Resistance Inside Concentration Camps

Henry Payne And Hudson Sakai

Cold. Dark. Bleak.
These were the words that were constantly running through everyone's mind. At least, anyone who was stuck in this hell with me: Warsaw.
It was a concentration camp.
How I got there didn't matter. My health didn't matter. My mood didn't matter. All that mattered was survival. Survive. Survive. Survive.
I was sleeping in a hut with other inmates. I woke up and, still in a dream, I wandered out. I was snapped out of my drowsy state when I saw two guards with rifles walking less than fifty feet away from me.
If they had seen me I was better off going inside. If they hadn't, I was better off hiding. But did they see me?
I turned and raced back inside the hut and pretended to be sleeping. 
I sprinted behind the nearby huts, my heart pounding.