A Stroll in Forgotten Hollow 

pammiechick, with CathyTea, Jes2G, CitizenErased, & Maladi777

You escape with your life from those fiends in Newcrest. "I think I'll take a stroll to Forgotten Hollow. My great great great Aunt What's-her-ears came from there after all. It's about time someone remembered the poor place."
Whistling, you decide it could be a frightfully good time.
As you skip along, a sudden shiver ripples up your spine. The trees grow darker as their limbs clatter in the almost freezing winter wind. "Brr..." you shudder, wishing you would have brought a coat. When suddenly, a dark figure stops in your path.
"Oh, I've been expecting you," he says.
You've never seen someone quite like him before. You figure he must be shy since he's wearing a huge cloak. Or maybe he's a monk? Shrugging off these speculations, you ask, "Do I know you?"
He chuckles in a low gravelly tone. "Of course. Everyone knows me." He waves a bony hand. "Name's Grimm Reaper, but you can call me Mr. Grimm if you like."
"Uh...hullo, Mr. Grimm."
"Do you know where you're going? I can help you find your way."
Looking around at all the dark areas, you realize you have no plan in place. "Um...just having a nice walk, I guess."
He scratches what you figure is his chin even though you can't see it. "Well, I'm here to tell you the neighbors are quite friendly. Why don't you visit one of them? I can give you the lowdown."
'Wow," you think to yourself. "This place IS friendly."
"Sure, Mr. Grimm!" you almost shout with joy since a minute ago you were getting the feeling there were six pairs of red eyes staring at you.
An owl hoots ominously in the tree overhead.
Pointing behind him, he says, "That place belongs to a sweet lady who's been living here since the beginning. The woman loves tea. Oodles and oodles of tea."
"Tea," you repeat. You think that sounds warm and almost start to go to her house when he pulls you back.
"What's your hurry, friend? I'm not finished." He points to a crooked sign that says "Rosebrook Way".
"Now that path leads to my favorite person here." He stares at you intently. Well, you think he's staring anyway. You can't really see his eyes. "She not only appreciates my humor but is always trying to hook me up with the most dazzling women. Heh...but I digress. If you go to her place, I can guarantee you'll have a good time."
Nodding, you give a tight smile, not really knowing whether the good friend of Mr. Grimm is really someone you want to know, but what the heck, you think. Moving to leave, he shakes his head. "I've only given you two choices. Stay until I've told you about everyone."
Swallowing because his voice echoed louder than usual, you decide to sit.
"That's better. Now, next to her is a woman who...ahem..." he stops, looks around, and whispers, "has been accused of being an exhibitionist..." then clearing his throat, goes on, "but she's a real sweet gal. Next to her is a woman who might put you in her bootcamp, but if she does, it's all good. A little exercise couldn't hurt anyone, right?"
Your eyes widen at all the options. "Is that all?" You are just making a joke at this point but the strange, dark man sighs.
"There is one more place, but I loathe to tell you about it. Dark and dreary, I doubt you'd want to visit that old bat."
You get the feeling he's glaring, but you're not sure. "Well, I guess I wouldn't want to visit there."
With a smile in his voice, he says, "Choose wisely."
You decide that tea sounds warm and nice.
A friend of Grimms is a friend of yours.
You HAVE to meet the exhibitionist.
Feeling adventurous, you decide to check out the old bat.
You could use some exercise.