Untitled Story


“Hello, I’m Aria McKenzie, from Interior and Beyond Industries. I am in search for a new assistant that can follow my orders, smoothly, un-quizzically, and fondly appreciative. I had very bad luck with my last assistant. He was very rude, snobby, and he demanded more money for what he did not deserve. I hope to find one that works well enough for me," the article stated.
“Ah ha! Yes this is it! This is the perfect job for me," I exclaimed in my apartment.
“Oh my gosh! Really? You found one," Bethany my best friend yelled from the living room.
“Yes! Right here,” I pointed to the article, “this is perfect! I got my design degree at college," I said excitedly.
“Come on lets go! I’m taking you down to the studio right now to apply," Beth said cheerfully.
We got in the car and Beth drove down to the studio. I was so nervous I felt butterflies in my stomach. As soon as we got there we walked to the front desk.
Beth spoke, “Hi, my friend is here to apply for the assistant job for Aria McKenzie."
“Ah, yes, Ms. McKenzie, and what are your names," she asked nicely.
“Um, I’m Beth and this is Brinnley," Beth said.
“Oh alright do you have an appointment with Ms. Mckenzie," she questioned.
“Well, um, no, but-” she stopped me.
“You can’t see Ms. McKenzie if you did not schedule an appointment," she stated.
“Well, in the article that she submitted, it showed that she will accept anybody that comes through the door on first-come, first-served basis,” I said.
“I don’t remember any article written in the paper about that… Well, let me check back with Ms. McKenzie," she said, which made her seem unsure about what she was going to do.
Beth looked at me like I was a sick or something. I felt a little nervous meeting Ms. McKenzie. My stomach felt like it had butterflies inside. I noticed on the name plate on her desk wrote, “Amanda Bells," Amanda came out of the elevator. She carried a newspaper in her hand and walked behind her desk.
“Okay, so you were correct, there is an article in the paper about hiring an assistant, so you may go up to her office. Her office number is on floor 27, room 18,” Amanda said.
As Beth and I began our way up, Beth said very solemnly, “Brinnley, I want you to go in there alone, it will make you look better. I do not want to interfere with you getting a job," she said.
I nodded my head sadly, in acceptance of her choice. I felt sad and nervous. I really did not want her to leave me. I rode the elevator up to her office, and nervously knocked on her door. I could heard footsteps coming closer to the door, and a skinny tall lady appeared at the door.
“Hello, my name in Brinnley, and I saw your ad in the newspaper about hiring an assistant," I asked.
“Ah yes, my ad! Finally someone wants to apply," she said overjoyed.
“Can I sit down," I asked.
“Yes, sit down. Oh please, sit down," she said, overbearing with happiness.
“First of all, I need you to tell me a little bit about your background," she said in a more serious matter.
“Well, I came from a well brought up family. I have a total of 2 siblings, one sibling is my older sister Brandi and the other one is my younger sister Kaitlyn. They were very good sisters to me. My mother and father got a divorced a few years ago so that was hard. My mother married a wealthy bank teller named Scott, and my father is still single. My sisters both married two guys, Brandi married a guy named, Brandon and Kaitlyn married a guy named Carter. I am an aunt of two beautiful little babies, a boy and a girl. My mother grew up in a poor family, but they taught her good values to keep. My grandparents all died while I was in my toddler years. My father was from a wealthy family who did most of the things. I loved my dad’s mother, especially, because she taught me how to make the most simplest recipe and make it taste better than most people’s recipes," I said carefully, and clearly.
“Wow it sounds like you have an interesting life. I’m sorry to hear about your parents,” she said sympathetically.
“Thank you,” I replied.
“So, do you have any experience with designing," she questioned.
“Well, um, yes, I do as a matter of fact. My recent job was designing clothes, which was fun, but I was, sorta, hoping to design homes and furniture,” I explained.
“Oh, I see, so you were just not interested so you quit? Or did you get fired," she asked looking curious.
“What? No I did not get fired I simply just quit because I felt like it was not for me,” I told her.
“Oh, okay, I was just wondering. Do you think that you are a very responsible person," she looked serious.
“Yes, I do think I am a responsible person. I always turned my projects in for my old boss Nancey,” I told her as if I was absolutely sure.
“Can you multitask in any projects, like drawing and explaining what you are drawing about," she asked.
“Why, yes I have done that before,” I exclaimed with excitement.
“Can you fill out this applicant form, so I could know more about you," she asked happily.
“Yes, what kind of questions will be on there," I asked.
“The questions will be on things on like basic information. There will also be an insurance check, but we only need health insurance. Just take it into the lobby and fill it out. Hand it to Amanda, the lady who is the secretary. We will let you know on our decision by next week. Thank you for stopping in, I really appreciate it,” she said like she was relieved.
“Okay, yeah, sure,” I said.
She handed me the paper and smiled. “Okay, you can just send it in the mail, or drop it off sometime. Whatever works for you," She shrugged her shoulders and then escorted me out to the lobby. “Thank you, and like I said, I will get back to you, or I will have someone contact you within the next week. Sound good," she questioned.
“Yeah, sounds good to me," I told her.
“Alright then, I will talk to you soon," she stated.
She waved and then walked into the elevator.
Beth walked over, “so how did it go," she asked as she jumped up and down.“Um, good, I think. She said I need to fill out this paper and then mail it to her or drop it off, then she will get back to me within a week," I stated.
Beth and I started to walk outside of the building, and we started to run to the car. There was a homeless beggar following us, I felt so scared.
“How could this happen, today? Today was supposed to be my day I was supposed to be happy,” I said to myself.
“Let’s get out of here, Brinnley! I want to go home,” cried Beth.
The homeless beggar was a female, about five and a half feet tall. She had greasy, gray hair, and she was starting to chase us down. She wore dirty, and wore ragged clothes. Her clothes were so big on her, you could almost see that she was in desperate measures. She was holding a cat. The cat’s fur coat looked like it used to be orange, I guess that the dirt and filth on the street covered up the cat’s fur coat. The cat had a big blood stain on it. I was so scared, because I never liked the sight of blood. Beth looked like she was about to throw up when we got in the car. I started up the ignition, locked all of the car doors, and put on my seat belt. When I locked in my seat belt, the homeless lady started pounding on my window.
She cried, “Help! Help! Help!”
She was seriously freaking me out! I pressed on the gas pedal really hard, as fast as the car could go. I slowed down once I was a good distance from the homeless lady. Beth looked so relieved that I drove away. When I looked back in the rear-view mirror, the lady was running towards our car. I felt like I could almost faint.
I looked into the sky and said, “Oh, please help us! Please help us! Somebody!”
At that moment, something happened. The police were driving by and made the lady beggar stop; she was getting arrested! I stopped the car and went out on my way toward the cop car.
“Wait?! Where are you going, Brinnley,” Beth asked.
I said, “I am going to go see why the police are taking the homeless lady.”
“Are you crazy,” asked Beth, in a concerned tone of manner.
“Maybe I am, but we had something to do with this. I-I am almost certain of it,” I stammered.
As I walked toward the cop car, Beth came up to me and said, “Okay, I will come with you. Let’s get this done, and quick!”
We walked up to a police officer, he looked really cute. He looked about five-foot-eleven. He had sparkling blue eyes, and the cutest brown hair that was buzzed  short, but not so short. On the sides of his head he had buzzed lines that were to die for! He was all alone while his cop partner was putting the homeless lady into the back of the cop car. I felt like I was the only girl in the world.
Then he spoke, “is there a problem here ma’am?”
“Well, um, I, well, um,” I did not know what to say, “this homeless lady was following me and my friend Beth-.”
I pointed in the direction that Beth was in, but when I looked, she was gone. I puzzled with where she could have gone. Just then my phone vibrated. It said from Beth, “I went to the car...that guy is totes a cutie patootie...OMG, I got totes nerve for that guy he is so gorge!!! See ya! Beth!”
“Is there a problem here ma’am,” he asked again.
I said, “Well, the homeless lady was following me after I applied for a job-” He stopped me.
“Well, sorry that this maniac was following you after you were applying for a job. We will take care of her from here. Don’t worry, she will be somewhere safe. If we did not pass by her, she may have killed a person. Any other way, do you have any sort of relationship with this woman,” the gorgeous police officer asked quizzically.
“Well, not really, but I want to know why she was following Beth and I, and why she was crying for help. Oh, and where are you taking her?” I asked in a concerned voice of manner.
The cute police officer replied, “I am taking her to the state jail, ma’am. She was on the search for a very long time. She positioned herself as a homeless beggar, and people fell for the trick and gave her money. She takes all of the money and she goes to her mansion at night. She goes to different parts of town everyday, so we, the cops, will not catch her. We have been trying to find her for months and years. Thank you for giving us that chance to catch her. What can I do to ever repay you?”
I was in La-La Land! I felt like I was in the air; the only girl in the world! I just wanted to dance and scream! I honestly did not know what to say. He sounded just like Prince Charming, and I was Cinderella.
“Well, how about you-” I said.
He interrupted me, “-give you the reward money?”
“Why, that would be amazing. When can I pick it up? How much is it,” I asked, pestering him with questions to come.
“It is worth ten-thousand dollars. You can come by the station tonight and pick it up. Just ask for the name,” he said, so charming.
“Oh, alright, and what’s your name,” I asked sweetly.
“Henderson, Spencer Henderson,” he stated.
“Okay, I’ll stop by sometime soon,” I said.
I smiled and walked away slowly thinking of how cute Spencer is. I got to my car and Beth was sitting in the passenger seat. Her face looked so curious it was kinda freaky.
“What,” I questioned.
“So,” she asked.
“So what,” I asked confused.
“When is you are you guys going on your date?” She asked with a lot of enthusiasm to bear.
“There is no date,” I stated.
“What are you talking about! Yes there is!” She yelled.
“No there isn’t, end of discussion,” I left it at that. At that point I was kind of frustrated with Beth. I was not in the mood to talk anymore.
I drove home and we both went to bed. In the morning, I drove down to the station and grabbed the reward. He really was right, it really was $10,000. My mind was blown away. I just could not believe it! I met a really cute guy, and I got $10,000 which was more than four months of bills! I could not believe it; I was starstruck.
When I went back to the apartment, Beth was waiting outside of the auburn apartment complex in the parking lot. She had a smile as big as a clown’s painted onto her face. I was a little confused why she was smiling so brightly towards me. I pulled into the parking lot by where she was standing proudly. She looked like she was a little paranormal than I knew her to be. I just looked at her like she was crazy. She looked at me back with a bigger paranormal smile, it was really creepy.
She happily questioned, “Guess what big news I have heard?”
I replied,”I don’t know, and why are you acting so strange all of a sudden?”
“I am not supposed to say it because your new boss is going to come here in an hour and break the news to you, real hard,” she said.
I quickly spoke, “Wait! What new boss?! Did I get the job?!”
“Calm down, calm down. She is going to come here in an hour. Go up in the apartment and clean while I do some shopping for some new clothes and food. Can I have the car?” she asked quizzically.
I had a big check in the car, in my hand. I knew that I had to put it in the bank.
I asked fairly, “Can we go to the bank? I need to get this check cashed quickly. I do not want to hold onto it for long. What if I lose it or something?” I said.
“Sure. Let’s just hurry up, an hour can feel really short by the time she gets here,” said Beth.
“Alright I concur. Let’s hurry up.” I said.
We hopped in the car, and started driving. We went to the bank really quickly. I put the check into the bank, and I saw the numbers pop up on the screen. I was as happily as can be. Beth and I hopped into the car very fast and started speeding away. At the parking lot in the apartment complex building, Beth dropped me off while I went to the apartment and started cleaning. Beth came home very soon. I was really surprised because whenever she goes shopping you usually will not see her for awhile, but she was in a hurry so I guess that’s why she is back so early.
“Hey! She will be here in like 10 minutes!” Beth screamed through the door.
“Yeah, I know how to tell time!” I darted back.
“Okay, so, I did not get new clothes ‘cause I figured we were not in desperate need for some, but instead of supper I thought I could just make some snacks?” she said.
“Oh, okay, sounds good to me,” I said relaxed as I could.
Beth made some snack like fruit, chex mix, and some chips and dip.
She made them just in time because when she was setting them out Ms. McKenzie walked through the door.
“Knock, knock! I’m already in here!” she said.
Beth and I glared at each other with weird looks. We opened the door and she walked in fairly bold.
“Okay, let me get right to the point,” she said rather rushed. There was a dramatic pause. Then she spoke. “You got the job!” she exclaimed.
“Oh my gosh! Are you seriously serious!” I yelled.
“I am positive,” she said trying not to smile.
“Eeee!” I squealed with excitement.
I jumped into Beth’s arms and hugged her very hard.
“Congratulations! I will see on Monday of next week in my office at 10:00,” she said, and left it at that.
She smiled happily and waved goodbye.
“Beth, did that just happen?” I questioned in shock.
“Yes, Brinnley, that just happened. You got your dream job!” Beth said reassuringly.