Save the Panchatantra ~ The Ganga Quest

Khushi Shah and Pranati Patnam ~

You stagger to the bank of the River Ganga, barely being able to breathe. The king of your village has given you, his most loyal subject, the quest to find the missing last book of <i><b>Panchatantra</b></i>, which has been very important to your king and to your country overall, as of means of learning to be a good person and a good citizen. In order to succeed in finding this book, the king has given you a treacherous quest, which may result in your death if you do not emerge triumphant.
Refuse - your life is much more important than the king's needs and wants. 
Be a loyal subject and follow the king's orders - you know how important the book is to him.
You agree to take the chance of finding the book, but if things go wrong, you are free to turn back, facing the king, of course.