A short school day


"Pencils down." Mr. Ricewood ordered from the front of the classroom his students were taking a math test, and he had been watching them like a hawk the whole time."Pass your tests forward." Glen Jones looked at her test like it was written in Hieroglyphics. A lot of her answers were blank, and she scribbled random answers to look like she tried. She crossed her fingers and handed her test to the front with the others. All the tests were passed to her brother Max Jones, who stacked them in a neat pile for Mr. Ricewood to collect. He always felt good after a test especially one that was as easy as this one. He caught His sisters test through the corner of his eye since it was the only one with sloppy handwriting. Max knew Glen tried hard in school but could never meet up to the teachers standards. Max wanted to help glen. Max looked back at his sister, then the thought occurred to him maybe he<i> could</i>. Max made sure the teacher wasn't looking and without thinking, he scribbled in a few answers on Glens page making his writing messier than usual so he wouldn't know ,and handed the pile of papers to Mr. Ricewood. "Thank you Max." said Mr. Ricewood. "Your welcome." said Max. As Max was about to sigh the school bell rang to go home. "See you tomorrow." said Mr. Ricewood "Bye!" The class yelled in unison.