Giovanni and Marla: The tragedy

Rohan Gowda 7MN

I heard Marla downstairs, waiting for Agatha, her friend. She was pacing back and forth, fidgeting with her fingers. She was worried, I could tell. “Agatha! Quick!” She shouted. I decided to check what was happening and headed downstairs. As I walked down the steps, Marla’s aggressive voice became clearer. I reach the bottom and suddenly every single word that derived from her mouth was practically visible to me. “Agatha, come quick! I don’t have much time!” She was now running back and forth, cursing. Every obstacle she eyed was an enemy. That is Marla, my wife. “Honey, what’s wrong?” I gently tap her shoulder. Yet she chooses to ignore me with all her might, as always. Now I am shaking her, more vigorously, trying my best to get her attention. “Marla, snap out of it!” I yell. She glares at me, inflicting her piercing eyes and stares at me. I am trapped in a tensing silence, not knowing how to respond. Suddenly, I hear Agatha: “Coming Marla! What’s the rush?” What a relief. Breathing heavily, I turn my attention towards Agatha. “Agatha, I have called you over to share some depressing news. Carlos has died.” I drop to the ground, my face aghast by this devilish news. I turn my head up and see Agatha’s face turn pale white. Tears roll down my cheeks as I tremble and only manage to get on my knees and look at my dear wife. “I know this is devastating news but Carlos sacrificed heroically to protect Gustov. Agatha, if you don’t know, Gustov is Carlos’s only son. Right now is not time for us to back down and tremble under the Great Mortality. We must stand against it with all our might and fight to our very last breath. Gustov is wandering somewhere in Venice right now and we have to find him. It’s most probably that he is by the Piave River and it’s urgent that we go to find him or he’ll die. Let’s go.” She turns around and was about to head down the street when Agatha grips her arm and spins her around: “Marla, I don’t think we should go. The disease is spreading rapidly and who knows, what if the poor boy also has the disease? I could let you guys over into my house though Bernardo has been coughing a lot these days. I think we should reconsider our decision.” Marla stands there for a minute, wearing her usual thinking face and then turns around towards me: “Actually Agatha, we should ask Giovanni on his decision. Giovanni, dear, should we go find Gustov or stay over at Agatha’s?”
Go find Gustov and risk death
Stay over at Agatha's house