the sorcerer of Mythrylla

Mr Skull Inc

You have been travelling over the vast desert of iribian for weeks on end and have finally ended your journey at the start of the deadly Mythrylla mountain range. you slow your horses gallop down to a trot as you emerge in a small village at the foot of the mountains.
you settle your horse down in the stables and set off in search of an inn. A hush spreads over the drinkers as you enter the inn and they turn their heads to see the newcomer, but their talking soon resumes as they lose interest in you. you walk over to the innkeeper and ask for a drink, "so traveller, where are you from?" he asks you as he prepares your drink. "I am from the other side of the seven seas, over blistering deserts and tangled forests I have travelled to the edge of the earth in search of my freedom," you say. "the poetic type, I see" he replies glumly.
you ask about the mountain range and he tells you of the myth, according to legend Dwarves had dug mines right through the mountains. They mined gold and ore and soon became rich beyond belief, But soon the riches began to take it's toll. The dwarves became greedy and soon their great nation fell. Only a few Dwarves survived. The myth then says that soon a dark sorcerer took residence in the abandoned mines, He begs of you that you don't go, but you refuse. He says that even if you go at least rest in his inn for the night, free of charge.
stay in the inn for one night
carry on your journey