The Monkey's Paw: Interactive Story

Reem Al-Juhani, Razan Al-Zain, Menna Sulaiman

It was a bright sunny day on the 2nd of March. Mrs. White had planned a surprise dinner for her lovely husband Mr. White to celebrate his birthday and promotion to manager at the cotton-gin. She invited some old friends for his special occasion.
When Mr. White and their eldest son Herbert were dropped off by the bus from work, Mrs. White opened the door to greet them with open arms. She went back into the house with her hands on her back to support her protruded belly that held their soon to be born baby. Mr. White was shocked because of this kind surprise his wife had planned for him and was about to comment on it when he noticed an old friend.
“Hello there, old friend. It’s been a while,” said Major Morris, shaking his hand. His wife came back into the room with a three candled cake in her hands, and they all start singing for his 32nd birthday.
“Go ahead, father. Blow your candles,” cheered Herbert. Mr. White smiled at his son and blew his candles, and then everyone sat at the family table to start eating supper and talk about their day. Afterwards, they cleaned up while Major Morris left the room to get a present. He returned a few minutes later with a box, which he then handed to Mr. White who enthusiastically started unwrapping it.
The present is the monkey's paw.
The present is a painting.