Date Night

Angela Morris

While heading into the elevator at work one {~dreary|foggy|sunny|cold|hot} Friday morning, you hear a bright female voice call out, "hold the elevator, please!" You were hoping for a solo ride up to your floor--you were looking forward to an opportunity to check out your abs in front of the cab's floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls--but a quick glance through the swiftly closing elevator doors immediately causes you to change your mind. You hold the open button on the elevator's panel as a gorgeous young woman rushes in. You, a single 20-something on the prowl, immediately checks her ring finger. It is unadorned. Perfect.
You're about to make a move to get to know this woman better when suddenly, just as the elevator passes the 4th floor, the power goes out. You are stuck in the elevator with a beautiful woman you've just met--and your claustrophobia decides now is the PERFECT time to rear its ugly head. Do you:
Strike up a conversation. Maybe it could help distract you from the walls that seem to be closing in.
Avoid conversation. Not going COMPLETELY INSANE is taking all of your concentration at the moment. 
Mutter endlessly about your fear of enclosed spaces. You can't help it. The crazy came out.