SAVE MERLIN THE PIG! A rescue quest of dubious proportions

Leigh Alexander

On a summer day in Brooklyn, the sun doesn't go down 'til 9 PM. You'd be forgiven for letting entire lazy, hazy days pass without eating much besides two single-serving tubs of Marino's Italian Ice -- which is basically what you did today. It's now 9:30 PM, and the sudden fist of hunger angrily plunges itself into your gut, so you and Jarvis decide on getting some cheap sandwiches nearby the subway station.
The orange haloes of street lamps contrast fuzzily with the jewel-violet twilight as you walk down long blocks, brick walls and broken cement. Where you live there's a lot of industrial architecture repurposed as lofts. When you moved in, the graffiti said things like MONEY MURDA, but now it's block after block of proper artist's murals.
"Look," you say to Jarvis about the latest one. "They've added a bear into that tree." Jarvis thinks the bear is pretty good.
You end up spending a long time at the counter at the organic market waiting for someone to take your sandwich order, long enough for you and Jarvis to change your minds about your selections, like, twice each.
Try the corner restaurant.
Nah, that place is expensive.