Merry Christmas, Don't Get Dumped!


It was a cold and windy night in the City of Brotherly Love. Most neighbors turned their lights out by 8PM in Cory's sleepy neighborhood. But not in the upstairs bedroom of the Matthews' home.
Cory sat, flustered and drooling terrifically under his sheets, with naught but the glow of a reading lantern flickering across his report card.
"A C??" he muttered with utmost agitation. "A C?! Feeny is gonna have my butt this semester..."
Distracting him from his turmoil, Cory's phone began to ring. Just as he went to pick it up, he saw a sillouhuette in his window. It was Shawn Hunter.
Cory opens his window to let Shawn in. 
Cory motions to Shawn to chill for a moment, and he answers the phone.