So Called "Normal"

Alexis Battle

Your name is Kylie. Your best friends name is Baliey. You are in middle school. You go to Littlewick Middle School.
“Kylie! Come down stairs.” Your dad calls from the kitchen. “It’s time to go to school. The bus is almost here!” You throw on a pair of jeans, t-shirt that says, “Drumming 4 Life”, and your only sweatshirt from the laundry bin. You run downstairs and grab your backpack. You throw a half eaten apple in it and grab my sneakers. You race out the door, right when the old, rusty school bus pulls up. You run up to it, as the doors fight to stay closed. Finally, the bus driver gets the doors open and you hop in. You run to the back, looking for your best friend Bailey. As you're looking, you pass a group of boys who are calling you names and throwing paper airplanes at you. You...
Ignore them!
Tell them to stop.