The Snow Day

Mikey Hall

I looked out my window with my elbow on the windowsill, palm covering my chin. I watched the bleak sky as tiny white flakes made their way to the ground.
"It's beautiful, isn't it?" my mom was looking over my shoulder, she too looking at the snow.
I sigh, "It was the first 10 times this year. It's only the second month of this year and we've already had like 10 snow storms, Mom." I sat there, still staring at the now usual flakes, "Now it just seems normal." My mom stops watching and goes back to preparing lunch in the kitchen.
"Well, at least you got another day off of school, right? Isn't that something to be happy about?" She says to me behind her back.
"Sure...I guess," I mumble, now tapping my fingers consecutively against the bleak white windowsill.
After a brief moment of silence and shuffling around the kitchen, my mom came behind my back and says, "Well lunch won't be ready for a few hours. Why don't you go play outside? If you do, don't forget to take Charlie! His leash is hanging by the door."
Take Mom's advice and go outside.
Go find something to do in my room.