Birth Scenario #1


Info: Your client is a first-time mother, giving birth at a hospital (located about 25 minutes from her home).  You live 30 minutes away from her.   It’s 6:30am, and your client lets you know that she had some cramping and on and off with sporadic contractions yesterday, but didn’t let you know because she wasn’t sure if this ‘was it’.  She woke up at 4am to contractions 7 minutes apart.  By 5:30am they were 5 minutes apart and more intense.  Her last few contractions from 6am-6:30 have been 3 minutes apart, and becoming harder to deal with.  She also had some bloody show when she wiped.  As you listen to her on the phone, she only stops to breathe through the contractions and seems to be composed between (other than the nervousness in her voice).  She only asks that her husband apply hard counter-pressure to her lower back. What do you suggest?
Chat on phone for 30 more minutes
Suggest they head to hospital
Tell her to call her provider
Suggest a warm bath
Offer to come over