Family Love


This story is about a girl and her father. She lived happily with her mother and her sister.
one day the girl upset her father and hurt his feelings. So her father went to her daughter and said that what the girl said upset him and hurt his feelings.
" I've done everything for you. I bought you things you want and chocolates for valentines. But you didn't give me any chocolates for white day. Is your money more precious than my money? So you can use my money but you can't use yours? " he said.
But the girl just simply said "well I am saving my money for emergencies."
"I've done everything for you but what did you do to me?" the father said.
The girl thought, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes. She thought it was stupid that she was crying for no reason but she couldn't stop crying. Then she realized that she did nothing for her father. While she thought she remembered when she was in her bed and her father came late from work and the girl was crying, whispering 'dad, you can do this. cheer up. fighting!!'
She also remembered when her father came to hug her, even though, he was tired from work. She couldn't stop crying.
Her father couldn't still forgive her for what she said and what she have done to his feelings. But the girl learned something. Something that is true for every kids. They love their parents as much as the parents do. They get hurt by feelings when the parents fight, mad, or something else. But at the end, we all get hurt from each other.