Friday Afternoon

Dudley Park

He grabbed his laptop off of counsel table and checked his phone. 10:30 a.m. No texts. He switched over to Chrome's incognito window and saw nothing there either. He walked out into the hallway outside the courtroom and saw here there, waiting. She was dressed for court and he couldn't remember her schedule. She looked absolutely amazing. And of course she pretended to ignore him.
He started texting her, "How much more court do you have today?"
"None," the reply came instantly. He saw that the down elevator button had already been pressed and that an elevator had just arrived. He hopped in and went to press 'SK' for the skyway level when he saw a figure appear to be heading toward the elevator. Out of habit he held the door, only realizing after he looked up that it was her. And only her.
Once the elevator doors closed behind them she approached him and they began to kiss. Both hoping that the next 13 floors would not bring any additional passengers. Unfortunately they both hear the ding, alerting them that someone on the seventh floor would be boarding. The kiss came to an abrupt end.
"Can we walk back together?" he asked, and she nodded. This was always an odd thing, a game within a game that they played. They were co-workers and would naturally be seen together. Avoiding each other outright would raise suspicions. But walking together, to and from court, also suggested that they were more than co-workers, an appearance that she desperately wanted to avoid.
It was almost 40 degrees and after a few weeks of brutal winter, forty above actually felt balmy.
"I'll walk with you," she finally agreed.
"Outside? Or Skyway?" he asked, unaware that the decision would have an unending set of unforeseen consequences.