The Lonesome Road

Kristofer Hykel

The Raiders get more vicious each time.
In the years following the Great Chemical Wars, humanity found a way to prevail. The Gas had dried and scorched the landscape, killing millions, but in small towns like yours dotted around North America, Humanity found a way to survive. Communities banded together, worked together, and though towns like yours may never thrive again, they found a way to survive.
But the Raiders grew stronger. They armed themselves. They salvaged powerful weapons and destroyed towns across the country.
Towns like yours - what was once Baker. You are the Lone Survivor.
The interstate lies north-south before you.
The Raider camp is to the north. They are heavily armed, rationed, and defended.
Newton is to the south. The Raiders haven't had a chance to hit it yet, but they will. They have little defence aside from an old sheriffs department.  
Desert lies to the east. Before the Chem Wars, forests stood there.
The ruins of your town lie to the west. Those who weren't taken as slaves lie dead.